About Eurotech Modern Design

We craft state of the art, smartly designed ALUMINUM kitchens with style.

EURO TECH MODERN DESIGN kitchens offer exceptional value for the money and suit a wide variety of lifestyles and tastes.At the center of everything at EURO TECH MODERN DESIGN is Quality and excellence in planning, production, order processing and customer service.

Innovation is our DNA

Our ALUMINUM kitchens are manufactured exclusively at our headquarters in Miami, Florida.Every EURO TECH kitchen is unique, custom designed, and manufactured with the utmost precision. The high degree of automation guarantees that our standard of quality remains constant.Euro Tech’s Kitchen design culture is Quality Made in the USA. 


Aluminum Cabinets

Compared to a wood kitchen cabinet, which is typically made from plywood or compressed wood, The wood’s natural properties can prevent it from bending or warping. However, it can still be affected by humidity and heat, which can cause it to bend over time. Alumatek aluminum kitchen cabinets are easily durable and will not affect the appearance of your furniture.

Aluminum is an extremely versatile metal with a number of advantages. It is recognized for being both lightweight and flexible.

It can be cast, melted, formed, machined, and extruded, meaning that it can be manufactured into a variety of shapes and then subsequently fabricated to suit a whole variety of uses.

Due to its extreme versatility and strength, the use of Aluminum is becoming more popular, especially with the advantages it has to offer. This extrusion can be supplied in a variety of finishes, including anodized, milled, or painted, and can then be further machined or fabricated.

Alumatek saving the planet

“Our Alumatek product was created with the mission of definitively replacing the use of wood, thereby mitigating deforestation and its impact on our planet. It guarantees consumers long-term durability while minimizing risks of accidents such as water damage, fire damage, termite damage, and bacterial contamination. Moreover, it is 90% recyclable, and it is proudly manufactured using our 100% aluminum system in the United States.”